With many years in business, maintaining and beautifying the yards of many we have compiled a 5 tips that will help improve your outdoor space.


1. Make Small Look Big
To make a shallow yard seem much larger, use horizontal layers of different heights to create the illusion of depth, such as low shrubs before a slightly higher fence, flower beds and an arbor beyond, and taller shrubs near the house






2. Soak Those PlantsTT_waterplantsgardening-tip10

It’s better to give your lawn and plants a good soaking less frequently, than several sprinklings.  Why? The roots, that absorb the water lie underneath the soil. Small waterings are quickly absorbed by the topsoil, causing your roots to remain dry and thirsty.  The water needs to penetrate- about 4 to 6 inches down for best results

3. Get Into the Mix
Don’t be afraid to mix the greenery. Combining flowers and plants of different sizes and shapes will make your backyard border more interesting- even when little is blooming.


4. Don’t Transplant on a Sunny Day
Wait for early dusk or a cloudy day, so the plants won’t dry out. Since moisture is a key to successful transplanting, do it when the soil is still damp from rain.  Remember new transplants need to be watered immediately

 5. Grow a Romantic Rose Garden
Creating a lush rose garden is an easy way to up your homes curb appeal. Choose a material like wood or wire as a base for your trellis and let your roses start to bloom. (getty)