Green Initiatives

Green InitiativesTTLS is the region’s leader in GREEN and sustainable practices, services and initiatives. TTLS is an active member of the PLANET (Professional Landcare Network). We have experience with native plantings, erosion control, storm water management, wetland and stream bank restoration and water-wise irrigation projects among other green and sustainable endeavors.

TTLS instituted a GREEN program that includes the recycling of all biodegradable debris that is generated from our customer sites. We remove and recycle the debris, returning it back to nature in the form of dark rich compost or mulch, instead of disposal into a local landfill.

TTLS is also the leader in water conservation through sustainable design and the installation of innovative water-wise irrigation products and execution of Best Management Practices.

Unique Organic & Natural Lawn Care Programs

TTLS offers clients a variety of unique organic and natural programs associated with fertilization, insect and disease management, pest and weed control. TTLS’s design team incorporates environmentally responsible concepts into our signature landscapes by using elements such as native, indigenous and drought tolerant plants, organic soil amendments, pervious hardscape products and recycled materials. These practices show our commitment to the customer, community and the environment.

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