When considering a lawn care professional to work with, you want someone who is professional, passionate, experienced and trustworthy Why? Because this person (company) will be responsible for sustaining and increasing the value of your properties- your lawn and landscape. In today’s world, it’s rare to find a person so passionately dedicated to family, faith and servitude.
It’s tougher to find a company that not only takes care of your lawn, but also takes care of you. Please take a moment and read about the man behind one of Tennessee’s top lawn care companies…
Meet Shane Petty, founder and operator of Tennessee Turf Lawn Care Services…
TT_ShanePettyandwifeWho is Shane Petty? 
Shane Petty is a 18 year veteran of the police force where he spent those years of service giving back to the community. Protecting and serving the friends, family and neighbors of Trousdale County and the City of Lebanon, Tennessee.
He has been married for 21 years to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Elmore Petty. Jennifer graduated from Vanderbilt University with her Masters Degree in Nursing. She owned her own business for several years, Petty Adult and Geriatric Care Clinic, LLC., in Lebanon, Tennessee where she too served the families, friends and neighbors. She is currently employed by National Healthcare Corporation in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
The couple now resides in Wilson County and have five children. There ages are 17-13-11-7 and 2.

What made you get into lawn care? 
I  guess you can say I am a lawn care guru with an entrepreneur heart. I started mowing lawns as a young boy at the age of 12 for the families in my neighborhood. I have always enjoyed working outdoors, and having a well manicured and maintained lawn. As I began to study and watch grounds crews and  lawn care companies, I realized there was a certain level of service that could be provided to attract new customers and build a large company, that the current companies simply weren’t providing.
Looking toward the future, I began mowing part-time on the days off from the police department. My expertise, knowledge, accountability and efficiency allowed me to grow at a rapid and steady rate. This afforded me the opportunity to retire from the police force in the summer of 2014. I was then able to fully concentrate on the business, growth and customer satisfaction.
Some of the most valued lessons that I have  been taught throughout my life were from my parents, the late Buddy and Doris Jane Petty of Hartsville, Tennessee.
They taught me the importance of values, ethics and morals that molded me into the honest, Christian, hard-working, efficient and goal-oriented man I am today. Work ethic was taught by providing me the opportunity to begin mowing at an early age that would spark an interest and dream to later in life build a premier lawn care and grounds maintenance company.
TT_ShanePettyFaithWhat role does your faith play in your business? 
I am a hardworking, honest, Christian man. My faith and love for the Lord play a very important role in my business. I have a servant heart and love to serve others. I want my customers to know my  loyalty and commitment to them:  Doing my best to treat others as I would want to be treated, belief in excellent customer service and  an iron clad promise that states, at ‘Tennessee
Turf Lawn Care we don’t just take care of your yard, we take care of you!’  It’s about building relationships and friendships with the customer base which will in turn lead to referrals of friends and families alike.
The Lord always has a plan and I feel I am continuing to do His work by maintaining the beautiful, lush, green landscapes, yards and properties He has blessed us with.
I  take it very personal, and I expect the same from my employees.   The quality standard for my crew is very high and the expectation is for them to meet those standards.  Through professionalism, dress code, attitude, gratitude, honesty, trustworthiness, and truly caring about a job well done are ways as the owner of Tennessee Turf and my crews continue to reach out and serve through faith, friends and fellowship.
In our world, there are not enough businesses out there willing to give back to the communities they serve.  We offer a friends and family, Veterans, military personnel, first responders and senior citizens discounts, which is one example of how through faith and God’s love. Tennessee Turf gives back.
Do you cut your own lawn?
Absolutely, I cut my own lawn. I guess I should say, we cut our own lawn. We take it personal. The Petty family strives to pass along the value of hard work and perfection to their children. The boys currently 13-11 and 7 take turns or rotate –so there’s no fighting– who mows the lawn. They try to get their stripes just right and not miss a single detail. These lessons taught in our own front yard may just be the spark that leads to one of them wanting to pursue the family business and take on Tennessee Turf one day.
One would hope that would happen out of the three boys, but don’t count big sister out. She plans on attending college and obtaining a degree in business, so she just may run the company as the CEO one day. She surely has heard enough stories, comments and plans related to lawn care and grounds maintenance over the years. They all have. If none of them pursue that business avenue, then Our hope for them is to find something for which they have passion, purpose, and work hard at doing there best. Whatever it is, we will be supportive and push them to be the very best at it!
What types of flowers do you have in your own yard? 
There are a variety of flowers in the yard. There are begonias, dragon-wing begonias, day lilies, pansies, tulips, iris, and daffodils to name a few. My mother loved iris and had several beds of iris with a wide variety of colors. She loved her flowers and her yard work as well. She always kept her beds weeded and maintained. I guess that is why I am so meticulous about weeds and keeping them just perfect. I lost her when I was only 25 years old. She was the most giving and loving person I have ever known. I would hope that she is looking down and proud of what she instilled in me as I grew up, has paid off. My wife tells me often, that she would be so proud.
What tip would you give anyone looking to start their own lawn care company?
I can’t narrow that down to just one!! Because these several tips will save some young professional a lot of time and headache. So, my tips are,
1. Start slow
2. Stay debt-free
3. Find a good soft ware program to help manage, maintain and run your company
4. Hire honest, hard-working, good people and pay them what they are worth
5. Price your work fair and profitable from the beginning and stick with it
TT_ShanePettyOfcrWhat is your favorite summertime activity? 
My oldest daughter has dreams and aspirations to play basketball in college. So, our summers for the past five years have consisted of living in gyms on the weekends with her travel ball team. When we are not serving as gym rats, we are camping, hiking, fishing or vacationing.
I love to bass fish. There is nothing more soothing or relaxing to me than to be on the lake on an early summer morning when they start to bite. I was a tournament fisher for a few years. While building my business and traveling with my daughter, I have decided to put that on the back burner for a year or two. Now we are making memories that will last a lifetime and I can’t get this time back. There will be plenty of time to fish when I retire, or hopefully when we start to pleasure fish, one or two of the boys may decide to make that one of their hobbies or passions. That would be really cool!
When you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my family. I do occasionally get on the water with my cousin who is a competitive bass angler to wet the line! With five kids, you can imagine that when I’m not working, we are together as a family doing anything from camping, canoeing, hiking, wrestling, playing football, baseball or basketball. Traveling to the beach once or twice a year is almost a given. My family loves the beach, although I could do without it. I grew up going to visit my family in Florida several times a year, so I’ve had enough of that through the years. I enjoy
watching the kids have their time making memories on the beach though.
I still enjoy shooting my guns and maintain efficiency with my weapons. Being a sharpshooter is something I take pride in. I was a sniper for the SWAT team at the Lebanon P.D., and that was my favorite position and what I enjoyed most of my eighteen years of law enforcement.  The team, the camaraderie, my brothers in blue, the memories, the life lessons, the knowledge, the wisdom, the great wealth of importance surrounding blessed are the peacemakers — are all flashbacks that occur as I strap on the weapon and head to the range to fire off a few rounds. It just feels good! It is something that I will never forget, I will always cherish and I truly hope that I was an inspiration to many young officers that I was allowed to help train and educate in the police world.